Headquartered in Lincoln and serving throughout Nebraska, Shunkwiler Financial is an innovative retirement preparedness and financial services firm specializing in serving the financial needs of employees of the United States Federal Government and their families in addition to working with the normal everyday person. 

As you approach retirement, do you wonder how Social Security can work for you?  Do you want to maximize your Social Security benefits?  For answers to these types of questions, Brett A. Shunkwiler, President offers complimentary Social Security Workshops.  He is nationally Social Security certified.  If you or anyone you know may be interested, please feel free to contact him for more information!  Brett provides assistance with overall retirement preparedness and also can help with a variety of financial concerns including issues related to Thrift Savings Plan, FEGLI, FERS & CSRS benefits, along with normal retirement plans such as IRA's & 401(k)'s.  Brett is a fiduciary and his combination of education and experience provides clientele of Shunkwiler Financial with access to a financial representative with specific training, experience and resources tailored to their unique financial situations. 

Brett has received specific training in the distinct benefit programs federal employees of all types receive. Through a federal benefit focused planning process Brett assists in implementing systems and processes to help you visualize and achieve your retirement financial goals. Federal employees have specific circumstances requiring special expertise. 

Brett also specializes in serving the financial needs of individuals and their families by working closely with CPAs through Advisor Link. Advisor Link is a program that helps financial professionals and CPAs team up to help their clients make smart tax-efficient decisions when preparing for their financial futures.

Currently, Brett is one of a few advisors in the state of Nebraska that can use this Advisor Link program. Using specific training, Brett works strategically with CPAs to formulate a plan customized to each clients specific situation.

In addition to specific training in federal benefits and the Advisor Link program, Brett is one of a few representatives in the State of Nebraska to be able to use LEAP (Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process) via Wealth-In-Motion software. This helps him visually show you your current situation (It's like viewing a movie of your life from a financial perspective). This LEAP process works very well for both Federal employees as well as clients with non-federal related occupations. 

If you are concerned with making informed choices and implementing a plan tailored to your unique situation and want a caring committed financial services professional with specific training and expertise in working with individuals and their families, please consider Shunkwiler Financial.